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Haemodialysis Service

SJAM’s entry into the provision of haemodialysis treatment began in 1993 when SJAM Kawasan Pantai Selangor (KPS) started a dialysis centre (Station No. 1) with two machines, and over the next four years, added another sixteen machines. In 2000, a second centre (Station No. 2) was opened to cope with the rising number of patients around Klang town. Station No. 1 is dedicated for patients with Hepatitis A, B and B/C+; the only centre in Malaysia to cater for such patients.The other stations cater to other renal failure patients. Today, KPS manages thirteen dialysis centres with one hundred and seventy machines, the second largest in terms of number of machines in the country. Presently, KPS has more than four hundred patients under their care.

On 7 May 1994, the Melaka Kawasan No. 1 (Bachang) started its dialysis centre with four machines, six staff nurses and one medical assistant in a double storey shop lot donated by Area President Encik Tay Ah Long. With an increasing number of patients, the centre was expanded to occupy three shop lots in 2000. Today, SJAM Bachang Haemodialysis Centre is the largest private dialysis centre in Melaka with more than 40 machines that can treat up to one hundred and ten patients.

The latest haemodialysis centre in Melaka was set up in Pulau Sebang in 2007 with seven machines. In 1994, SJAM Pulau Pinang and the Rotary Club jointly set up a haemodialysis centre at the SJAM Pulau Pinang State Headquarters at Jalan Grove.

As a service organisation, it is only natural that SJAM extends its service to ordinary folks particularly those from the lower income bracket and from the rural areas. Its extensive localised network enables it to reach out to kind philanthropists in its efforts to bring affordable dialysis treatment to the kidney patients.

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