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Ambulance Services

The phrase “ambulance service” and St. John Ambulance are synonymous. Since the beginning of the St. John Ambulance movement, during the early days of the Industrial Revolution, its members have been transporting the sick from accident sites to hospitals for immediate medical attention.

As the Japanese troops attacked and advanced from southern Thailand and headed towards Singapore, the number of military and civilian casualties increased. SJAB members were enlisted
in the Medical Auxiliary Service to serve as stretcher bearers and first aiders. In the post-World War II nationwide effort to revive SJAB, the redefined role of the St. John Ambulance in providing ambulance services began with the donation of ambulances by individuals, corporate bodies and government agencies, notably government hospitals. Ambulance service, particularly in smaller towns, gained a reputation for its reliability,
and are often called upon whenever help is needed. SJAM complements the government hospitals in major towns by extending its ambulance services to other remote areas.

Non-Emergency Ambulance Service

Today, SJAM has the largest fleet of privately-owned ambulances in Malaysia. Its Non-Emergency Ambulance
Service is found in most major towns in Malaysia and is on standby during major events to provide first aid support to the public. SJAM Selangor is expanding its ambulance service, throughout the whole state, in April 2009.

24-Hour Emergency Ambulance Service 

SJAM enhanced its ambulance service from that of a mere transporter to a paramedic service. In Kuala Lumpur, the Emergency Medical Assistance Service (EMAS) was formed in 1998 with a fleet of two ambulances to serve south Kuala Lumpur zones. Pulau Pinang followed suit in 2005 with three ambulances. In Johor, Kawasan Batu Pahat runs the emergency service with two ambulances. SJAM Kawasan Pantai Selangor operates the largest number of ambulances in SJAM with thirty two vehicles serving the whole of Selangor, from Sabak Bernam to Sepang
and from Ampang to Port Klang.

With more individuals and corporations coming forward to donate fully-equipped ambulances, SJAM can expand its network of ambulances to other states, and train members to be full-time paramedics.

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