In Malaysia, the St. John Ambulance of Malaysia (SJAM) is one of the most active voluntary and youth organizations. With over 100,000 volunteer members in all states, these members carry out first aid and home nursing duties in any public events and private functions in ensuring all the activities are injury-free. We are also one of the active and updated St. John Ambulance units worldwide. Through rigorous training and re-examinations, our cadets and adult members are in touch with the latest first aid and basic life saving techniques in accordance to international standards. We have initiated the ISO9002 for our first aid-training and administration.

The core of our memberships are cadets between the age of 12 and 19 and school-going students. These cadets joins one of our many divisions and begin the first aid instructional training and other youth development programmes. Some members continue their service to the adult level and are trained to handle emergency medical assistance and advanced first aid.

Our membership comprises of these categories:

St. John Junior Boys and Girls

Boys and girls between the age of 8 and 11 years and with written consent from their parents or guardians may join a St. John Junior division. The focus of this membership group is to encourage their mental and physical development and to prepare them for the challenges of being a Cadet.

They are exposed to the "Essential of First Aid" subject and will include other subjects such as First Aid and Nursing, Knowledge of the History of SJAM, Road and Home Safety, General Knowledge and Physical Recreation as the progress in their Junior membership. These members will not carry out any first aid duties.

Ambulance and Nursing Cadets

Enrolment as a Cadet member must be between the age of 10 and 18 years and with parental or guardian consent. Prior to this, they need not be a Junior member.

The aims of the Cadet unit are to:
  1. Provide opportunities for achieving the objectives of SJAM;
  2. Encourage young people to follow the way of life exemplified in the Cadet Code of Chivalry;
  3. Develop the spirit of combined effort, while giving due consideration to the personality of the individual cadet;
  4. Promote health;
  5. Encourage among young people a full and enterprising use of leisure, by providing all the facilities of a modern, national youth organization; and
  6. Lay the foundation for membership to an Adult division of SJAM.

First aid and home nursing instructional meetings are conducted for these members to be trained as qualified first aiders and fit for carrying out public duties anywhere under the guidance of senior members and officers. In addition, other youth leadership and development programmes are organized for their benefits such as Cadet Proficiency Scheme, Cadet Leadership Development seminars and other youth oriented activities. 

Ambulance and Nursing Adults

Members above 16 years of age and below 65 years old are admitted as Adult members. These members will carry out advanced first aid and basic life saving activities and support the qualified medical personnel such as paramedics and doctors. Suitable members are promoted as officers of SJAM.

Primary Duty of All Members

The primary duty of all members of SJAM is to render first aid and care to the community. All members are required to keep themselves qualified and efficient through re-examinations and public duties.

Join Us
If you are keen to help the community and equip yourself with first aid practical knowledge, sign up with any of our St. John Ambulance division. Contact the nearest St. John Ambulance office near you or your school unit.