First Aid Tips

St John Ambulance Malaysia believes that everyone should learn at least the basic first aid techniques. The following collection of First Aid tips comes directly from the comprehensive 9th Edition First Aid Manual. The first aid information below is a guide only. Please contact us for more information.

Live Saving Procedures
If more people knew these procedures, more lives would be saved

Wounds & Bleeding
Deal with every day cuts and scrapes and nosebleeds.

Fractures, particularly of large bones (like the thigh bone) are an emergency. You can help by knowing what to do.

Head Injuries
All head injuries are potentially serious and require proper assessment because they can result in impaired consciousness. Injuries may be associated with damage to the brain tissue or to blood vessels inside the skull, or with a skull fracture.

Heart Attack & Shocks
Heart and circulatory disease is Malaysia's biggest killer.

Poisons can be swallowed, absorbed through the skin, inhaled, splashed into the eyes, or injected. Once in the body, they may enter the bloodstream and be carried swiftly to all organs and tissues. Recognition features vary with the poison - they may develop quickly or over a number of days.

Burns & Scalds
Although burns are most commonly caused by heat, they can also be caused by chemicals, extreme cold and electricity. Burns cause skin loss and tissue damage.

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