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Our Vision and Mission


To be a well-organized body dedicated to the service to mankind which is highly regarded by all, and which all of us can be truly proud of in contributing positively and significantly to our nation building.


We are committed to the excellence in our work in providing the best service possible. We will achieve this through:

1. Working as a team in a friendly atmosphere of consultation and mutual respect;

2. Making greater sacrifice of our time and energy, for a worthy common purpose;

3. Constantly striving to improve our organization and ourselves;

4. Being willing to face problems squarely and to accept challenges and to be sensitive to changes;

5. Working hard in building up our resources and finance in order to further our voluntary and humanitarian services; and

6. Constantly building up our membership and promote the spirit of volunteerism.


In addition, SJAM is dedicated to providing the best services to our members and the Malaysian public through these charters:



To provide qualified first aiders on a voluntary basis as the occasion may require for the relief, comfort and welfare of those in need and to encourage young people to follow the way of life as exemplified in the Cadet Code of Chivalry.


We are totally committed to serve the community in providing the highest quality first aid assistance to both urban and rural areas throughout the country. These include assistance to Government, Ambulance Service, other Agencies and the Armed Forces at times of emergency in peace and war. This is achieved through :

Selecting highly motivated volunteer first aiders;

Training and developing well qualified first aiders;

Providing instruction for boys and girls in first aid, patient care and auxiliary subjects conducive to the development of good citizens;

Providing a high standard of first aid resources; and

Providing competent administrative support and a caring customer service.



To provide quality first aid training using the latest knowledge and methodologies to as many people as possible, with the ultimate target of having one first aider in every home and one first aid squad in every school, office and factory. To also provide home nursing training to carers of the sick and old at home.


We are committed to maintain our lead in the training of first aid, and home nursing through:

Organizing more "train the trainer" courses in building up our pool of well qualified trainers;

Being in touch with the latest medical advances in the field and to adapt to changes in maintaining the best practices; and

Providing competent administrative support and an efficient customer service.



To provide community care services in answering to the needs of the community, wherever possible.


We are committed to a caring philosophy and are prepared to accept the challenges of providing services that will benefit the community as a whole through:

Being constantly aware of the needs of our local communities;

Organizing various humanitarian efforts, if necessary, in partnership with other service and charitable organizations; and

Building up financial resources to maintain these services.


1. To serve God;

2. To be loyal to Seri Paduka Baginda Yang Di Pertuan Agong, The Ruler or Head of my State and my officers;

3. To observe the motto:

"Pro Utilitate Hominum" - For the Service of Mankind

4. To be thorough in work and play;

5. To help the suffering and the needy;

6. To be kind to all animals;

7. To be cheerful and prompt in all I do;

8. To be truthful and just in all things